About BeCares

BECares.in, a knowledge hub for medical professionals, is an extension of Biological E Limited’s pledge of improving the quality of healthcare and celebrating life every day. We strongly believe that the doctors and other healthcare service providers in our country play the most pivotal role in shaping the future of our country. Substantial improvement in public health, India could achieve in the last many decades, was driven by the hard work of millions of healthcare practitioners and it could be arguably identified as the single most influencing factor in achieving the economic and social growth we are witnessing currently.

BECares.in is our humble effort to support the clinical practice of doctors by providing relevant medical content. BECares is home to original scientific content, relevant to Indian clinical practices, created by a team of experts. The portal also contains latest updates and other relevant information curated from authentic sources to make the quest for continuous medical education easier. We at Biological E Limited (BE) envision this portal to support the doctors in cross learning and knowledge sharing.