Product Information

Established during the ‘Swadeshi Movement’ of India, Biological E. Limited (BE) started during a time when the nation sought access to critical healthcare products. Founded and led by Dr. DVK Raju, Biological E. Limited commenced its operations in 1953 as a biological products company manufacturing liver extracts and anti-coagulants. Over the last many decades BE has focussed on providing high quality and affordable healthcare solutions to the doctors in the country. BE’s offerings for the domestic market are in the following four areas:

  1. Branded formulations – BE has a wide range of offerings targeting different therapeutic segments including Respiratory, Cough Management, Gastrointestinal, Nutraceuticals, Anti-Infective, Analgesics etc. Many of the legacy brands of this divisions are the preferred choices of the doctors in providing quality healthcare to the patients.
  2. Vaccines – BE offers a range of paediatric vaccines for routine immunization from its world class manufacturing facilities which has supplied more than 2 billion doses of vaccines to 100 plus countries. BE has more than 7 WHO prequalified vaccines in its portfolio and also has a healthy R&D pipeline including some most awaited novel vaccines.
  3. Critical Care - Our critical care portfolio consists of life saving medicines used in intensive care settings. Apart from having a significant presence in the anti-coagulants market which contains Heparin and Enoxaparin, BE also offers a good range of antibiotics as well.
  4. Anti-Sera – BE is one of the leading suppliers of Polyvalent Anti snake venom in India. The portfolio also contains Tetanus Anti-Serum as well as Diphtheria Anti-Serum

Disclaimer: This website contains the details of products which are marketed by Biological E in Indian Pharma Market. To know about the entire product portfolio of Biological E, please visit our corporate website. *Details of the products given here are for the information of registered medical practitioners only. If you are not a registered medical practitioner, please be cautioned that these products are not supposed to be used without an advice from a registered medical practitioner.