IDA in II trimester pregnancy

Case Profile

A 30 year old female patient, G3P2L2 in her 6th month of pregnancy has come with c/o

- Easy fatigability 

- Getting tired very easily

- Weakness

- Shortness of breath on exertion

History of presenting complaints

She complains of easy fatigability and weakness since last 2 months which has gradually increased to an extent that she gets tired on doing household activities. She also complains of breathlessness on exertion. There is no associated with palpitations or any chest pain. She did not take iron folate prophylaxis throughout her pregnancy because she felt nauseous and constipated.

LMP: 2/06/2020          EDD: 9/03/2021

Previous child birth – 1st child (Female) 3 years back and 2nd child (Female)1 and ½ years back. Both were normal vaginal delivery at term. No other significant history in the past.

The most common cause of maternal anaemia during pregnancy is...


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