Productive cough in early pneumonia

Case Profile

Case presentation
Shweta, a 22 year old woman presented at the clinic with chief complaint of:

- Fever since past 3 days

- Shortness of breath on exertion since past 10 days

- Intermittent cough since past 3 months with slightly blood tinged sputum

- No medicine/food/environmental allergies

Case history

She complains that two days ago, she developed a low-grade fever (99°F), which increased last night to 101.1°C. The first time she had cough at the gym and it had been the same until about 3 days ago, but then it suddenly got a lot worse. No sore throat, rhinitis, myalgias or headache reported. The cough was on and off, until 3 days ago, but now she has it several times a day. The coughing bouts were severe enough to stop her from exercising.

Which of the following is the most frequent cause of productive cough?


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