Post viral dry cough

Case Profile

Case presentation

Akash, a 40 year old man presented at the clinic with chief complaint of:

- Recurrent dry cough with no sputum since past 2 months

- Tickling sensation in the throat

- Shortness of breath

- Diarrhea, fatigue, disturbed sleep

- Non-smoker

Case history

For the past 1 month he had severe body-ache, and shortness of breath when showering and toileting. He reports that he has seen similar symptoms 2 months ago and at that time, he was diagnosed with acute bronchitis and treated with bronchodilators, and empiric antibiotics. This management did not improve the symptoms, and gradually worsened over past 2 months. He did not report any history of COVID-19 infection. He has taken the 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine. He reported no fever, night sweats, palpitations, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, constipation, abdominal pain and neural sensation changes.

Persistent cough with no sputum, fatigue, body ache and shortness of breath are indicative of?


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